"Force without wisdom falls of its own weight." Horace

Anna Boatright
Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PHD
Tom Boatright


Anna has 20+ years experience with marketing. She has worked with large international companies such as EMC as well as local non-profit organizations. She has extensive experience with diverse marketing deliverables. She believes that corporate culture is critical. She designs campaigns integrating deep dive market analysis to deliver on the human potential.  She is passionate about marketing as a platform to connect and manifest. 

David Hanig

Senior Consultant

David has 30+ years experience as an executive consultant in the private and public sector. He specializes in high-level analysis, oversight and deliverables with complex projects and campaigns. 


Heather has a life-long interest in the creative transformation. Heather has a

PHD in Archetypal Psychology and Organizational Systems. She works with flow states - how to access whole brain states of consciousness to maximize human potential. Combining cutting edge science and decades of creativity practice, Heather has formulated a therapeutic model to evolve the individual and the group through experiential practices that promote transformative insight, growth and organic and sustainable change. 

Mary Gibbons, MD

Senior Consultant

Mary has years of medical pratice, serving as the Director of Harborview Sexual Assault Clinic and UW Medical Dean.  She specializes in gender issues and advocacy with a focus on human dynamics and trauma. 


Tom has 30+ experience with project management in the public and private sector. He has worked at all levels of State Government and is very familiar with their cadence. He has a background in the fine arts as well as organizational development. His integrity, innovation and depth of experience allow him to provide quality assurance on diverse projects.  He is able to integrate the micro and macro, with an innovative, structured approach. 

Nate v4.jpg
Nate Boatright

Project Manager

Nate has diverse experience working with projects, both as a coordinator and manager. He has a well rehearsed methodology and approach, including Agile and Dare to Lead. 

PROFESSIONAL MARKETING COLLABORATIONS (resources for video/creative design):





We count to three before we begin a race or a group activity to synchronize the individuals to the group. By doing this we create a collective movement toward a coordinated purpose. We orient to a goal and we make sure that we set off together, whether we are racing one another or challenging our collective potential. One Two Three…has begun human adventures from the past to the present. 

The word three has a relationship to thought and threshold. You can hear it in the sound, related to the prefix trans which means “across” or to “penetrate” through. Three is represented by the solidity of a triangle, the first shape after one point and two points connected by a line. Three points forms our first shape. Three is when you first start building.

With Three a new element appears in the concept of numbers. I—You: The I is still in a state of juxtaposition toward the You but what lies beyond them, the It, is the Third, the Many, the Universe. Karl Menninger

The Three transcends the One and the Two. It becomes the group—the Many.

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." Carl Jung

So why do people begin group activities by counting to three? Is there something more than coordinating individuals within a group effort and getting everyone to start at the same time and on time? We think there is. We are proposing that starting by counting to three is a way to leverage the creative power of the universe. Not only are there chemical reactions between two chemical substances—or two bio-chemical people—there are chain reactions, reactions that replicate and move with a life of their own. Three is where the individual dynamic becomes a group dynamic.


By this we do not mean that we will become superheroes, but that by following the basic patterns of how the universe creates will increase the integrity and hence the sustainability of what we create. Just as biomimicry or the copying of nature is used in scientific and military applications around the world, we are copying nature in our business model—and in yours. We believe that being “natural” in this sense is a key to individual and group harmony and productivity.


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"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." JF Kennedy

nParadigm as a Consulting Partner:

  • A consulting firm with several nationally recognized experts (MD and PhD) in the fields of sexuality, gender, depth psychology, anthropology and marginalized populations;

  • A women owned consulting firm that is passionate about campaigns to protect and elevate vulnerable and marginalized populations;

  • A consulting firm that is built on our commitment to service and a reputation for delivering successful outcomes;

  • A consulting firm with extensive experience designing, developing, implementing and tracking statewide, regional and national social media campaigns;

  • A consulting firm with a project coordinator with over 25 years’ experience working within, for and as a consultant to Washington State Agencies;

  • A consulting firm with extensive experience negotiating, implementing and managing statewide procurement projects;

  • A consulting firm that has over 30 years of experience in the processes of acquiring state and federal funding, including the grant/funding application processes;

  • A consulting firm that is committed to further education. All team members have graduate and post graduate degrees with relevant emphasis in Human Health Services;

  • A consulting firm that is committed to delivering excellence, providing a proven campaign development and implementation methodology;

  • A consulting firm that is local, Olympia based, with financial strength and stability, committed to the health of our community;


We are walking it out, applying theory to practice. nParadigm was designed to facilitate a paradigm shift that moves us both forward and backward, as the shift represents a return to a more natural state.  While n stands for new, it also stands for natural—for nature, natural law, and natural numbers: for what is real. N is symbolic of north and the guiding principle of the compass and the north star. N represents the highest potential or number in a series, and in this sense it is symbolic of our virtually infinite potential—a potential reflected the stars who shine in innumerable points of brilliance above.

Do you feel a deep calling to achieve a higher potential? Do you sense an underlying purpose and feel a growing passion to realize this purpose? You may be afraid that to realize your true potential will demand greater authenticity and honesty of you. It will. And yet, this is the very power that the new paradigm offers. It is who you already are but have been afraid to be. In aligning to your purpose, you not only become more powerful but more fully you. When you realize you are connected to everything you feel and experience MORE. We know!

"An arch is two weaknesses which together make a strength." Leonardo da Vinci 



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