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a Path




In a world of unprecedented disruption and turbulence, transformation today has the 

same natural principles: the human need to belong and have value. In modern 

environments with their changing conditions, we have to seek new waters. These forced migrations are new opportunities to deliver value and belong. They are natural states, but they require that we use our inherent natural capacities, our compass. 


Transformation is the emergent ability to adapt - sustain change. It is Darwin at his best. Transformation makes us operate on instinct to evolve. Like Darwin, we study nature. We use biomimicry to understand our nature. We have developed a fluid methodology to not simply survive but thrive in environments of constant disruption. Your organization 

demands that you change. Your nature is to adapt! You are agile by nature!   


nParadigm = new + infinite par.a.digm . noun

  1. PATTERN; especially: an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype

  2. a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated

a Path

A paradigm is a way of seeing and a framework of being in the world. While paradigms are adaptive perspectives that help us navigate, they can become outdated and require a shift. Just as in the past a flat or two-dimensional worldview became three dimensional, we are now gaining a sense of new dimensions and new potential. A new paradigm is emerging that is helping us to realize this potential, facilitating an adaptive leap in our evolution, both individually and collectively.

This is the core of the shift, a movement from the individual ego-system of unconscious self-focused patterns to the eco-system of conscious group-focused patterns. It is a shift from individual to group consciousness that leverages group genius and potential to meet the challenges of an undeniably interconnected world. Moving from competition to collaboration and aggression to compassion, the new model is one of inclusion in which the whole is more than the sum of the parts. A system, by its very nature, is synergistic and sustainable. 



We are a part of the whole and yet, like the connection between the atom and the organism, the whole and the part are interdependent. At nParadigm we connect these levels of scale by expanding the identity and orientation of the individual to the group and moving from the perimeter to the center. At the center all things connect. At the center, the individual and the group are aligned.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” Chief Seattle


At nParadigm the individual is seen within a larger framework, recognizing that ultimately it is this larger system that will determine long term or sustainable success. Failures are not individual, they are systemic: so is success. This holistic and systemic approach creates organizational structures designed to promote innovation and creativity. We don't believe that flow states (realizing individual and group potential) are random. They can be engineered. Structural integrity and alignment are critical. We must be centered. 




nParadigm offers leadership training and workshops as well as executive coaching. With a well-rehearsed methodology designed to tap the creative brilliance of your team, nParadigm delivers on deep transformation with long-term, sustained growth. 


nParadigm creates marketing that is real, organic and powerful. They see authentic marketing as a natural outcome of the deep dive into your culture. nParadigm offers corporate culture campaigns as well as full lifecycle marketing designed for you - custom engagements. 



Moving from competition to collaboration and aggression to compassion, the new model is one of inclusion in which the whole is more than the sum of the parts. A system, by its very nature, is synergistic and sustainable. 


nParadigm incorporates new scientific research and data analytics to communicate a transdisciplinary perspective. We start with basic typological assessments, but we move rapidly to a well rehearsed innovative curriculum to immerse ourselves in your culture. 


nParadigm as a Consulting Partner:

  • A women owned consulting firm that is passionate about serving the greater good;

  • A consulting firm with nationally recognized experts in systems thinking, organizational development, change management and depth psychology (MD and multiple PhD)

  • A consulting firm that is committed to delivering excellence. All members have graduate and post graduate degrees as well as certifications in graphic facilitation, story boarding, holistic health, Dare to Lead and systems thinking,

  • A consulting firm that is local, Olympia based, committed to the health of our community;

  • A consulting firm that believes in the human potential and has developed a well rehearsed methodology and curriculum designed to inspire the tap the human network;

  • A consulting firm with extensive experience designing, developing, implementing and tracking statewide, regional and national marketing campaigns;

  • A consulting firm with several project coordinators with over 25 years’ experience working within, for and as a consultant to Washington State Agencies;

  • A consulting firm with extensive innovative corporate culture experience working with the public and private sector;

  • A consulting firm that has over 30 years of experience in the processes of acquiring state and federal funding, including the grant/funding application processes;

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“In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”  Charles Darwin



NParadigm focuses on the real cost of personal and professional dissatisfaction and dysfunction that affect the bottom line. An ecosystem is an energetic system, a relational community. By changing self-sabotaging negative emotions and actions to positively reinforce group relations, efficiency and productivity go up. This is a model of investing in group potential that is relational rather than transactional. It is a model of investing in organizations as a form of personal and cultural transformation in which the interest of the individual are that of the whole.

“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. The culture changes when the organization is transformed—the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day.” Frances Hesselbein


NParadigm is a model of corporate cultural adaptation and change management that transcends the fear based desire to survive in order to thrive. We all know that happy and healthy work environments are essential to success. We recognize the need to change and adapt, but how do we do it? At nParadigm we have created a series and sequence of experiential labs to facilitate transformation. 


"While many clients initiate consultation because there is a problem, ultimately the nParadigm system is based on building relational patterns that will prevent future problems. Our labs will treat the symptoms, but they are designed to treat the system."  Heather Taylor 



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NParadigm fosters vulnerability and transparency by first creating a circle of safety. Through guided consensus building, teams achieve common goals and guidelines that hold the circle—a 360 container that becomes the model within the work environment. In this circle each member is safe and supported, yet each member is also called to be authentic and honest. Before we build something new, we often have to deconstruct what was built before. This can be hard and requires trust to support necessary risk.


Through individual and group breakout sessions that move between inner introspection to outer sharing, empathy, and understanding are fostered. We get to know ourselves and others. Often deeper levels intimacy are reached in one nParadigm lab than in decades, allowing the participants to work together better because they understand and anticipate each other better.

Being CENTERED is the key. We all know that balance and agility come from being centered. We can move quickly, decisively and powerfully from our center, maintaining our center of gravity. We also know what it is to lose our center. But do we know how and why we lose our balance? More importantly, how can we learn to maintain and regain our center quickly and consciously as individuals and a group?

CENTERING LABS. The key to staying BALANCED (centered) is to not focus on yourself. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it is true. When we focus on ourselves we become insecure and unstable. We are hard-wired neurologically, biologically and psychologically to be in right relationship with others and our surroundings. Being ego-centered is unhealthy, causing dis-ease and disease. Being eco or community-centered creates a sense of wellbeing that is stable and integral: sustainable.

​“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” Bill Bradley


Staying centered is a matter of maintaining balance. While some models push toward short-term goals, nParadigm is built upon a principle of environmental sustainability. It is our experience that we capsize into unconscious negative behaviors when we become ego-focused, self-centered. In the nParadigm labs, the individual is centered but is not the center—the group’s core mission and purpose is the center and this is where we begin to work. Selflessness is courageous and courage is the entrance into a greater concept of Self, becoming or identifying as whole. 

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” Maya Angelou

After creating a safe circle, we find the center—the guiding mission or vision of the group. This is our focus, our bull’s eye or circumpunct. In in the East it is the bindu or seed thought from which all life emerges. The symbol for the sun, gold and the realization of our highest potential, the circumpunct is how we “hold it together” when we begin to break down. It is the symbol of Self.

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want” Lao Tzu

EXAMPLE. When we lose our center and yell at another person or internalize resentment toward them, we damage both our outer relationships and our inner relationship. We risk our health, the health of the company and that of the extended community. Through studies we know, for example, that the number one indicator of stability for a child is their parent's mood when they come home. This is a different kind of risk management, a different kind of health program that is based on a principle of prevention and community health. It is relational, recognizing that work and home are not separate—whether we try to separate them or not. We are all part of a greater circle.

 “If you have a stong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.” Roy Bennett


val·ue . noun

  1. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. "your support is of great value"

    synonyms: worth, usefulness, advantage, benefit, gain, profit, good, help, merit

  2. a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life. "they internalize their parents' rules and values"

    synonyms: principles, ethics, moral code, morals, standards, code of behavior

    "society's values are passed on to us as children"

purpose (sensed). motivates and guides us

  1. the reason for which something is created

  2. intention, aim, object, objective, goal, end, plan, scheme

  3. advantage, benefit, good, use, value, merit, worth, profit

  4. function, role, use


Telos is Greek for “end” or “purpose.” It is the goal we are aiming for, our target. Critically, for nParadigm, this is a shared or common goal toward which everyone works together. Unconscious ego-centered attachments are recognized and released in order to attain the goal. Just as "sin" is to miss the mark, we aim together at the same goal.

“People with a sense of purpose have learned to let life question them and have moved the focus of their attention and concern away from themselves to others. Purpose, then, is not a job or a role or a goal. It is the belief that our lives, our part in the whole of things, truly matters.”  Richard J. Leider




NParadigm offers an emergent solution to the challenges of our time, benefitting all. It has an inherent and infinite VALUE. 

Value for the organization: Organizations that engage a nParadigm model leverage the power of the group to realize higher and more sustainable levels of creativity and productivity.

Value for the leader: Leaders learn to build according to principles of emergent creativity that foster greater and more authentic participation on all levels of the group.

Value for the individual: Employees renew their purpose and passion, allowing them to fulfill their potential as an integral part of the whole. They have buy in because they are in.

While nParadigm incorporates new scientific research and data analytics to communicate a transdisciplinary perspective, it is not about facts but experiences. We look beyond ideas into the authentic and lasting change that comes from meaningful depth experiences. Our Labs are designed not to teach but to facilitate each person’s own lesson—an experience unique to themselves. While we start with basic typological assessments, we move quickly to the creativity of our own inner guidance. The belief is that each individual and group has their own compass and leads their own journey. 


NParadigm was designed to facilitate a paradigm shift that moves us both forward and backward, as the shift represents a return to a more natural state.  While n stands for new, it also stands for natural—for nature, natural law and natural numbers: for what is real. N is symbolic of north and the guiding principle of the compass and the north star. N represents the highest potential or number in a series, and in this sense it is symbolic of our virtually infinite potential—a potential reflected in the stars whose innumerable points of brilliance guide us from above.


nParadigm Values: increasing creativity, ingenuity, diversity, equality, productivity and empathy to achieve our shared human potential through right relationship with the natural world. All practices are sustainable and ethical in balancing the individual and the group and service is recognized as the guiding principle that facilitates our transformative shift. Tapping purpose and passion liberates our potential.  

Like all things of value, the new paradigm requires that we relinquish our previously held beliefs of false separation and superiority that have limited us. In its movement within and without it challenges introverted (inward oriented) and extroverted (outward oriented) individuals alike, strengthening our weaknesses to become balanced. NParadigm requires an investment in yourself, each other and our collective potential. In return it offers the world. A new paradigm gives us what we all seek: a meaningful life of purpose, passion and potential.

Transparency . the act of clearing the lens of perception, unearthing PURPOSE

  1. The ability to let light pass through so that objects behind can be seen.

  2. Easy to perceive (preceded by inner reflection).

We need to see ourselves and others clearly to recognize our patterns instead of projecting them onto others. Transparency allows us to see and be seen by others, reflected, acknowledge and appreciated by the group.

Imagination . the act of seeing new possibilities, igniting PASSION

  1. The ability to form new ideas, images, or concepts not present to the senses.

  2. Imagination. The ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.

We need to see past limitation to imagine the possibilities beyond. When we are imaginative, we are resourceful, envisioning creative solutions and resolutions previously unseen.

We believe that transparency, imagination and creation are the keys to unlocking our natural potential. Transparency represents the clearing away of false or unnatural parts of ourselves that have developed to separate us from each other and the natural world. When we are not transparently honest with ourselves we cannot see ourselves as we are and so we project our complexes and limitations onto others.

Transparency allows us to work successfully and sustainably with a group. When we are transparent (as both an individual and a group), we can use our imagination as a lens to see and realize our potential. Creation is the natural outcome of this vision, creating what we see. Creation is all of nature and our governing principles are found in and informed by nature.

NParadigm is based on biomimicry or the mimicking of natural patterns. Patterned within nature is a kind of alchemy, a breaking down of the old to give birth to the new. The stages of alchemy will be used to guide the transformation of the individual and the group. In order to incorporate or embody the nParadigm model, we have to change. This change is destabilizing, moving our center of gravity to the group and away from ourselves. For this reason, change has to be self-initiated, coming from within to be successful and sustainable.

passion (felt) . inspires and moves us

  1. strong, barely controlled emotion


Passion moves us, giving us energy and direction. Emotion is held in images, colors, and sounds. It is also held in core wounds that form the center of complexes. Using the methodology of transparency, imagination and creation, we will work through negative emotions stored in the wounds of our past so that we do not unconsciously perpetuate our wounded patterns in our environment. Healing our wounds reclaims our core power and restores our passion. Passion moves us past our fears, whether of our greatness or weakness.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Albert Einstein




Potential (realized) . manifests our purpose

  1. having the capacity to become or develop into something in the future


Potential is what is realized through the creative process. It is the end goal or the outcome: the product and process of creation. Potential is latent at the beginning and realized at the end. It is every step upon the path and the path itself. Like sight, when we reach our destination, we see a new horizon beyond, an expanded vision. In this way our potential is ongoing and ever growing. This new vision is another way to see the new paradigm as an evolving and guiding perspective.

“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."  Nelson Mandela


An Ecosystem not an Egosystem. The nParadigm model is based on the interdependent strength of the many over the weakness of the isolated individual (ego). It leverages the power of group think and group genius as well as the resources of the ecosystem as an environment. It is based on the balance of the individual and group within a sustainable environment in which once adaptive traits (fight, flight, paralysis) are no longer advantageous. It is a model of conscious cooperation versus unconscious competition, of compassion not aggression, inclusion not exclusion. It is not only the new way but the only way.

An ecological perspective is imperative. This ultimate unity (or community) can be seen as a movement from the individual to the group, connecting us to the earth and, ultimately, the cosmos. The basis of this shift is expressed in 5 simple truths as steps to wholeness and whole potential.

  • You are an individual (old paradigm separation based perception).

  • You are an individual member of a group (which is part of a larger group).

  • How you relate to the group (and groups) determines how they relate to you.

  • How the group relates to each other determines your group potential.

  • The needs and potential of the individual and the group are ultimately the same.


Because we are a part of nature, a part of a systemic whole, nParadigm works with natural movements that reflect the nature of systems thinking and of the nature of systems as a whole.  to help individuals, organizations, and humanity remember how to be at-oned, one with the whole. The recognition of the whole is as imperative to the sustainability of the organization as it is to the earth—and, of course, ultimately, these perspectives are one.

At nParadigm, we cover the required standards for the prevention, recognition, and treatment of sexual harassment and assault—but we do it in a different way. Unlike traditional programs that maintain an us versus them dynamic, reinforcing and antagonizing difference, we establish points of commonality and unity.


By fostering empathy and shared understanding, nParadigm thus transcends external motivation (which is statistically contextual and temporary) to create internal motivation. Put simply, we facilitate cultural shifts that make sexual assault and harassment unimaginable and untenable because the core values of empathy and understanding will not support them—because they support everyone.

The shift is in the inner perspective that identifies with the group, dissolving the separation that gender inequity is based on. This inner shift can be felt, putting the group at ease, and allowing people to work with difference as an advantage not a disadvantage. It translates to changed behavior that lasts.

Creation . the act of creating what you your vision, liberating POTENTIAL

  1. The action or process of bringing something into existence.

  2. The bringing into existence of the universe.

Creation is the actualization of what we have imagined. It is the ability to rearrange and redesign resources to realize our creative potential, bringing something new into being.

A vision provides the map to find the buried treasure of the purpose and potential of the individual in relationship to the group. It is the blueprint which allows the group to build together according to one vision. The vision quest tradition is fundamental and archetypal, found across cultures and times, providing a way for people to move forward in a new direction.


Going within and without (into our human nature and the natural world), humans have sought a new vision of themselves: a new identity. This identity can be seen as the blue print to our true potential. By going on a vision quest, we not only find ourselves but our relationship to the group. And in finding our relationship to the whole, we become whole—at-oned.

At nParadigm, we believe that we will achieve our full potential by learning to really see ourselves and see others. In order to do this, we balance the logical left hemisphere focus of our culture with the creativity of the right. While our visual and arts-based curriculum helps people to “see” in a way that is natural our vision quests also take us into NATURE. 

REPATTERNING is ongoing. Based on evidence-based models of repetition, patterns can be reset, but inner issues will continue to emerge, at times causing emergencies. To keep growing, unconscious patterns will continue to be refined and reformed. This is a process of liberation from the old, moving into the new. Like all growth, it is a process. The difference is that this is a conscious building process that is ultimately about patterning conscious awareness as a goal.

Becoming CONSCIOUS. NParadigm labs are designed to expose unconscious and inherited pattern-based responses from the past (both biological and psychological), so that you are not reactive but proactive. From this place of increased freedom, you can see your motives more clearly, recognizing emergent solutions to previously unanswerable problems. When a complex is triggered, the individual learns to self-assess what are the limiting beliefs and the core wounds. With guidance and practice, the negative behaviors that limit team potential and productivity are removed, creating greater collaborative trust and capacity. In this process old behaviors and old systems will be transformed.

While nParadigm workshops and retreats can be on site at various international locations, the heart of our work is at the Beloved Sanctuary and the acres of magical nature that facilitate our vision quests. While inner and outer work is done in preparation for the vision quest, the visioner ultimately enters the land to find their vision. This process is facilitated by our curriculum of transparency, imagination, and creation.

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.”  Woodrow Wilson